Boss ES8 vs. RJM PBC10 vs. PBC/6X?

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      Rudi Neumayr

      hi pete/everybody…question: can you tell me:
      Did you ever A/B the boss ES8 with the RJM PBC/6X and the RJM PBC10 in concern of the best dry through signal quality…?

      i own the ES8 and think it’s pretty good (compared to units i have had before like the g lab gsc5…)….still – every time i run my cable directly into the amp i think it still is just much better…

      now i’ve read, that the PBC10, which only does relay switching and therefore doesn’t allow you to reorder fx, might be better in sound quality…so, actually i don’t really need this function to reorder pedal series…if i had to chose, i’d go for the better signal quality for sure…would you think the PBC10 would definitely be better soundwise than my ES8…?

      thanks a lot for your thoughts!

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