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    I learn a lot from your various u-tube postings. I hope this is a small bit of returning the favor. I’ve been looking for a way to switch between amp heads and speaker cabs that doesn’t involve running back and forth to the iso booths and pulling heads out for switching cables. Lots of stuff out there for switching between heads but not much in the way to allow for easily switching between cabs. This box allows you to prewire 7 heads and 7 speaker cabs, and switch between them all with knobs on the front of the box… easier than a patchbay. Those not in use see a load. There’s another model of it that adds an additional circuit for an attenuator. So essentially 8 sends. I ordered it, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I found it to be unique in my google searches as typically what is available is two or three sends only. I get it, on a gig, you wouldn’t want much more than that I think, but for quick switching in a home studio, I’m thinking this thing will shave at least an hour off a typical guitar heavy session.

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