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      Aitor Oyarvide

      Hi guys i have a surh pt 100 and im looking to buy a new amp for recording
      And i dont know ehat to buy i altesdy have a voxac30hw2
      I can get a peavey classic 50 4 x 10
      For 600 bucks or maybe a fender I dont know really what to buy i want anotheqr amp for recording cause is lame that im tryin to make a home studio and i only hve 2 amps and i dont know what to buy lol causee pt100 its like marshall and fender so what else??

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      Shawn Maclean

      With a pt100 and an AC i think you’re already well on your way in the amp world!
      spend the cash on a torpedo live/studio or somthing like that for loading your amps and for cab sims. You’ll have all the tones you need to get rolling

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      Pete Thorn

      Hi, ya I really think you have it covered, man! With a PT and a AC you have Fender, Vox, Marshall! Get a Suhr reactive load, some good IR’s, maybe couple mics if you want to mic cabs… and maybe a few overdrives, fuzzes, for variety. I could work the rest of my life with those 2 amps.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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