Spinning like a top on attenuators

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      Derek Kirk


      New to forum and have a dilemma. I was all set to purchase a Fryette PS2 when I saw Peter’s video on the Universal Ox. So I had to research it and Wow! After days of reviewing tons of videos the $1300 vs. $700 was the decision until I spotted the Boss WAZA tube amp expander…Whaaat??

      Now I am spinning like a top trying to decide which to get. Need your help. Been playing guitar for years, recording is a non-issue, and gigs are pretty much in my past. I am a super tone freak, RCA’s, Sylvanias, and Siemens occupy my main tube amps. I dabble with pedals and rack effects, this is why the effects loop catches my eye. Oh, and no I can’t buy all three. I have an iPad so the Ox is looking very tempting but I doubt I will be using the cab sims or mic variations. Headphone jack is bonus.

      I guess if you could only purchase one, which would it be? And why?
      Also, if I missed a good attenuator let me know?

      Really appreciate any help.

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      old dude

      If you use UAD as your audio interface, IMO getting the OX is a no brainer since you get to use a decent selection of your UAD plug ins when you track. If most of what you are doing is just attenuating SPL in your practice space… IMO as a stand alone attenuator.. the Fryette would be a good way to go, dialing down attenuation rather than stepping down on the OX gives a bit more flexibility and on the high end loss of attenuation isn’t as noticeable and a bit easier to dial back in. Have not played with Boss WAZA tube amp expander. Going to tell on myself because its kinda funny… I had to edit this because instead of typing SPL.. I typed SPF originally… ( I wonder which gives you the best sun tan… playing loud.. or playing fast?)

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      Derek Kirk

      Thanks for your reply. Yeah, after the GAS has worn off, I think the Fryette PS2 is the way to go. Plus it is cheaper.

      Thanks again.

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