suggestions for bridge humbucker in strat?

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      looking for a bridge HB for my strat. currently has 3 Vintage Tweed single coils from Lollar. all between 5-6k output. classic rock, country and blues. I have an old Ibanez ACH2 from an Artcore I could try but don’t know the output. full size or single coil sized HB. suggestions

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      I love the Pearly Gates in the bridge. Also the Thornbucker is a great choice or the TB+ if you need a lil more output. I never use high output humbuckers in a superstrat with single coil tone type pus. The thornbucker is a little tighter in the low end and more toppy than Pearly Gates but they both are great tone humbuckers. If you are looking for like JB type output I would suggest the Bare Knuckles Rebel Yell with a 4 conductor wiring’s too hot for my tastes but sounds better than any JB I ever heard.

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