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      Reid Edwards

      Hello everyone, I only recently began playing guitars with Trems, (Grew up on a fixed bridge S-style Schecter) and being completely unused to them, immediately became obsessed with the whole “sag” issue you get with bends. Thus I scoured the internets and got several trem-stabilizer devices, tinkered around with it a bit, and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on this topic (Especially Pete).

      If anyone has seen that Darrel Braun video where he shows a series of floating trems, many of extreme expense and quality, and they all have the same issue where bending causes the strings to come back to pitch flat, until you work the trem bar. I’m hoping to buy a Suhr PT sig which looks like my dream guitar in terms of specs and wiring and such, but I am loath to make any mods to it, especially drill holes in it (even if its just in the trem cavity) to fit a stabilizer. Hope my rambling makes sense!

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