LA music scene vs. Nashville for players

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     Wire Boy 

    Hi Pete,

    First, thanks a ton for the the great gear vids. You’ve cost me thousands!

    Can you compare and contrast your experience in LA to what you know about Nashville?

    I’m actually not as much of a player (relatively speaking) as an engineer and producer in Cincinnati, Ohio. My favorite session players to call are all older ex-Nashville folks. To a person, they are the most ego-free musicians I’ve worked with regarding their input on the project at hand. They all walk through the door ready to work, jot down notes in “Nashville Notation”, usually nail their part on the first take while always offering another interpretation, and have consistently been the easiest musicians I get to work with. The one thing that surprises me the most is how genuinely thankful they all are to be working in the studio for a mere $25/hr.

    When describing their time in Nashville they share that they were just one of a thousand equally brilliant players, all humping it 16+ hours a day, 7 days a week… for TIPS! They complain that players have to put their time in for a decade or better for pennies and then hope to be picked up in someone’s band.

    All of the players I’m talking about finally had enough with Nashville and came back home where they are now the “first call” for easy gigs like mine (so they tell me).

    So again, please compare and contrast your experience in LA to what you know about Nashville?

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