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On tour in Europe with Michel Polnareff 

Hi y'all, I've been having a blast with a new group of friends, touring Europe with French legend Michel Polnareff. I'm headed back to LA in one week and I plan on bearing down and tracking some songs for my next album! I can't wait to get a new album done and out! My goal is to have it released by NAMM 2017. I'm having a great time with my new friend Tim Pierce, filming and releasing episodes of "Tim And Pete's Guitar Show". So much fun, we basically want to just talk guitar, jam, and meet with outstanding guests of all sorts. So far we've hung with Scott Henderson, Justin Derrico (Pink, The Voice), Oz Noy, Josh Smith, studio legend Michael Thompson, Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon) and master builder Gil Yaron. Much more to come! I also plan to revamp this website ASAP, it's long overdue, very, haha! Thanks for visiting my site and please keep coming back! 

Back in Japan!  

Hey all... I'm in Japan, in the midst of another Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi tour. This one is called "The Road To Fuji", as we are leading up to a massive event this summer, an epic all-night concert at Mt. Fuji on August 22 with an expected attendance of 100,000! I've recently posted a couple of video demos to my Youtube channel that were done here in Japan, I'm trying to do some occasionally here even though I'm not at home in the comfort of my studio. It's fun and challenging! Thanks for checking in and I hope y'all have a great spring...

Headed to JAPAN! Tour with Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi 

Happy to announce- I'm headed to Japan soon to start touring with Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. He's a legendary artist with a long successful career, and I'm excited to make some rock and roll music with him! I love Japan, so this is a great opportunity to see more of a country that I've really enjoyed visiting in the past, but haven't seen very much of. If you're in Japan, I hope to see you at a show!!


"The Groomed Noodler" now available! 

Hi y'all, my new track "The Groomed Noodler" is now available on CDbaby, it'll be on Itunes, Amazon, etc. soon. You can listen to a sample and purchase it here:

thanks for listening, and for your support!


New PT100 Signature Edition Suhr amp! 

Hi everyone, I'm very excited to announce the release of my new amp, the PT 100 Signature Edition. All info is at Suhr.com, just click the link to the Suhr site on this page, and you can see, read about, and hear this beast! Thanks for your interest!


On tour in Europe! 

Hey hey, hope all you guitar freaks are doing great. Sorry I've been lax about answering forum posts- I'm going to crack the whip on myself and get better about that, I promise! I've been on tour in Europe with french singer Mylene Farmer for almost 3 months. Having lots of fun, currently in Moscow, and headed to St. Petersburg in a few days. I've been writing and practicing in my hotel room today, using my Boss JS10 eBand as an audio interface/modeler/speakers... it's killer! Using the new Logic on my Macbook Pro... enjoying the new drummer software in Logic... makes jamming and writing a breeze! I'm looking forward to NAMM, we'll have some exciting stuff to show at the annual Suhr NAMM party! I hope to do another gig with my pal Steve Stevens as well, it's becoming an annual thing it seems and it's always a BLAST! Ok, Happy Halloween and rock on, rockers...

New column, new studio, etc. etc. 

Hey y'all, sorry I've been absent- so slammed, I'm moving moving moving.. my home, my studio, the works! All good, but it's been all consuming! I just answered a slew of questions in the forum- way overdue, but better late than never I hope! 

My new studio is REALLY exciting- I'll have a real live tracking sppace, so now I'll be able to track a 2-12" or 4-12" cab easily! Also I'll have all my heads set up with a patching network that'll allow me to easily set up tones very quick. A properly tuned control room.. etc etc. It's going to be a great little guitar tracking oasis! It should be ready within a few weeks, I'm hoping by Jan 1.

I'm also writing a new column for Premier Guitar mag, "Tone Tips From The Road". 1st one is out now, in the January 2013 issue. Hope you like it!

Happy Holidays to you all,



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