In conjunction with Suhr guitars, Pete Thorn has developed a clinic called Recording & Production For The Modern Guitarist. In the clinic Pete will demonstrate how he writes and produces his guitar based music. The main focus will be on recording guitar, and there will also be info on songwriting, drum production, mixing, and mastering.

December 6th at Guitarworks in Calgary

December 8th at Stang in Edmonton





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  1. Robert Twiddy 7 years ago

    Hi Pete, I have found when using EZdrummer, EZkeys, bass and I use S-gear plug in for amps I get some latency issues unless I switch everything off. Especially if on wifi, virus scanner is left on. I have a 2011 I5 Macbook pro with 8gb ram 1tb ssd, I am replacing the S-gear with a Vox MV50 into an Amplifirebox I am 25 pedals to try in front if needed. I am building an Allen Hinds Tele Fender Standard with his Arcane pickups so will be fun. I have 11 other guitars. Marshall wise I use EL84 based Laney IRT studio also. Looking forward to seeing your clinic and when you are in Japan please visit Bangkok happy to buy you dinner here. You inspire me when I get stuck as does Allen, Tim Pierce and others. All the best.

  2. repguy2020 7 years ago

    I wanna be at Stang next Friday!

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